Road Map

Road Map

We will keep this document updated periodically. Please check our issue tracker for up to date information.

2018 Commitments

As part of Tidelift, the goals for become more focussed on solving discovery issues for our users. Our priorities for 2018 are:

  • Redesigning to provide a more discovery-focussed user experience
  • Adding time-series data to packages indexed by
  • Expanding and improving our project quality metrics and indicators (known as SourceRank),
  • Improving our search facilities to include language, problem and domain-specific results,
  • Federating our search and data facilities to users through our API,
  • Continuing to support researchers through open access to data gathered by

This alongside our ever-present target to keep expanding the breadth of data gathered by and offering it to the world as a utility service provider.

2017 Funded Commitments

For much of 2017 was a project of Brave New Software. The project was supported by the following organisations until 1st January 2018:

The supporters repository contains details of our commitments to our supporters throughout 2017. The main technical goals were:

  • Adding support for projects hosted on GitLab and BitBucket
  • Creating parity among the supported package managers
  • Establishing a baseline of metrics to measure against
  • Releasing metric and dependency graph information
  • Adding external metrics in meta-data

There were also a number of non-developer centered goals. Mainly these are about raising demand for and usage of as a service and as a source of data.

2017 Additional Goals

In addition to our funded commitments in 2017 we will prioritise:

  • Adding support for projects hosted on SourceForge
  • Adding more guidance for contributors
  • Improving technical documentation
  • Publishing our mission, strategy and philosophy