Road Map

Road Map

2017 Funded Commitments is a project of Brave New Software. The project is supported by the following organisations until 1st January 2018:

The supporters repository contains details of our commitments to our supporters throughout 2017. The main technical goals are:

  • Adding support for projects hosted on GitLab and BitBucket
  • Creating parity among the supported package managers
  • Establishing a baseline of metrics to measure against
  • Releasing metric and dependency graph information
  • Adding external metrics in meta-data

There are also a number of non, developer centered goals. Mainly these are about raising demand for and usage of as a service and as a source of data.

2017 Additional Goals

In addition to our funded commitments in 2017 we will prioritise:

  • Adding support for projects hosted on SourceForge
  • Adding more guidance for contributors
  • Improving technical documentation
  • Publishing our mission, strategy and philosophy

2018 Goals

We have a number of ideas that we are interested in pursuing in 2018:

  • Monitoring system-level dependencies
  • Bridging from application to system-level dependencies
  • Federating search facilities to multiple providers
  • Improvements to sourcerank
  • Gathering and sharing more metrics
  • Identifying individual contributors with rights to publish updates

We will keep this document updated periodically. Please check our issue tracker for more information.